The Truth About Homosexuals In National Socialist Germany

"It is commonplace to say that anti-gay prejudice is "a medieval Christian attitude." Although it is true that such prejudice was certainly expanded and cruelly enforced during the medieval Christian ethos, homophobia nevertheless began long before Christ or the Church Fathers, and is quite specifically Jewish or Hebrew."

A History of Homophobia

In addition to this, the origins of shame and condemnation of nudity and the human body is a product of the Jews. The Jews cannot create. They copy everything and then turn it around and make it into their own image, such as promoting race-mixing, homophobia, and circumcision, to name a few. There is NOTHING to be found in the ancient pre-Christian Pagan/Satanic world that condemns homosexuality. The nude body was also considered sacred, as was sex and sexuality.

The Jewish Hoax of Christianity

It is a well-known and documented fact that Hitler and many of the High-Ranking Nazis were deeply involved in the occult and were doing everything in their power to destroy Christianity. Any time that they sounded "Christian" was only when the Christian Churches were dominating and the Nazis had to keep their power by being diplomatic and pay lip-service when they had no other choice. However, this isn't how it was going to remain. If Christians, including the "Positive Christianity" variety were to have still been around after the war, the Nazis would have liquidated them, as they would have outlived their use. This gives food for thought for those who suffer from "Christian Identity," which is another JEWISH movement and program of decay.

Homosexuality has it's roots in Satanism/pre-Christian Paganism. It is also known that anti-homosexuality is rooted in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. What did Hitler personally have to say about Christianity? He said many things, but here is a quote that is harder to find:

"I will crush Christianity under my boot like a poisonous toad." - Adolf Hitler

Christian Action for Israel

This statement speaks volumes in and of itself. As a matter of fact, the "liberals" and the Christian "Right" alike, who would even consider trying to paint Hitler as a Christian would have met their deaths after the end of World War II. Hitler was a truly dedicated Satanist, trying to restore Satanism, which has it's roots in pre-Christian Paganism.

The "liberal Jews" who PRETEND (yes, pretend) to serve rights for homosexuals love to say that homosexuals were specifically singled out for special persecution by the Nazis. Many of the Zionist Jews will readily admit that the Nazis never singled out homosexuals for being homosexual. The "liberal Jews" and the Zionist Jews are actually friends and allies of each other, playing both sides against the middle, so that whichever side the "goyim" (non-Jews) are on, both sides have the human beings who they see as "cattle" under their thumbs. For this sermon, the focus is on the "liberal" lies that state that the Nazis targeted homosexuals as a group or class for special or specific persecution.

The truth is that it is very rare that an actual homosexual person was persecuted by the Nazis at all. The Jews love to show black and white photos of hundreds of men standing in line in labor camps, such as Buchenwald and Dachau. What the Jews leave out is that the "pink triangle" badge was given to all kinds of people- namely political opponents of the Third Reich and *all* manners of sex offenders. Sex offense, in the Nazis' eyes was not about homosexuality, but criminals, rapists, and child molesters.

"Paragraph 175" was a law that was used against gays since 1871, which was 62 years before Hitler came to power. Despite the pressure from the Christian Churches, Hitler and Heinrich Himmler made changes to this law, taking out the word "unnatural," and they applied this law as an umbrella for all political as well as spiritual enemies of the Third Reich, such as Christians, communists, and all manners of criminals and those who were proven to have ties to International Jewry.

The Truth Behind the Myth of Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals

Magnus Hirschfeld was a prominent anti-Nazi Jewish homosexual and gay rights activist. Many homosexuals flocked to him. Hirschfeld, who ran the World League of Sexual Reform had over 130,000 members in Germany, alone. He had world-wide connections to communists, other Jews, and tons of enemies of the Third Reich. The homosexuals who *were* persecuted were the ones who sided with the communists and/or were suspected of having connections to International Jewry. Hence the well-known "pink lists," when in 1935, the Nazis made a crackdown on sex offenders and those who proved to have connections with the enemy.

Why did the Nazis draw up "pink lists?" In 1935, a year after the death of the head of the SA (Storm Troopers), Ernst Rohm, who was an open homosexual with thousands of homosexuals in the SA, there was a group known as "Rohm's Avengers." "Rohm's Avengers" murdered 155 of Heinrich Himmler's SS soldiers and placed a slip of paper onto each of the bodies that read "Rohm's Avenger." After this, homosexuals were looked at with a little more unease due to possible connections with the enemies of the Third Reich. Ernst Rohm had over 3 million soldiers and most of them were homosexuals, but Rohm proved to be a traitor.

Why did Hitler have Ernst Röhm killed?

It was proven to Hitler that Röhm was consorting with the enemy and that the French government had paid Röhm millions of francs to overthrow Hitler. On top of this, Röhm had made several smearing remarks towards Hitler. A couple of the statements included:

"Adolf is a swine. He will give us all way. He only associates with reactionaries now. Adolf knows exactly what I want. Not a second edition of the old imperial army. Are we revolutionaries or aren't we? We've got to produce something new, don't you see? A new discipline. A new principle of organization. The generals are a lot of old fogies. - May, 1933.

"If these bourgeois simpletons think that the national revolution has already lasted too long, for once we agree with them. It is in fact high time the national revolution stopped and became the National Socialist one. Whether they like it or not, we will continue our struggle - if they understand at last what it is about - with them; if they are unwilling - without them; and if necessary - against them. - June, 1933."

"Hitler can't walk over me as he might have done a year ago; I've seen to that. Don't forget that I have three million men, with every key position in the hands of my own people, Hitler knows that I have friends in the Reichswehr, you know! If Hitler is reasonable I shall settle the matter quietly; if he isn't I must be prepared to use force - not for my sake but for the sake of our revolution." - January, 1934.

Everything2 Ernst Röhm

Not only did Röhm have ties with the enemy, he and his men were planning a second revolution that would have ruined the Nazi Party. Röhm was executed in what is commonly known as "The Night of the Long Knives" or "Operation Hummingbird" at the end of June 1934.

After the Night of the Long Knives

Even though Ernst Röhm and many of his men who happened to be homosexuals had ties to the enemy, homosexuals were never singled out for special persecution. However, under the direction of Heinrich Himmler, discretion was now the key for homosexuals. This wasn't any kind of punishment, but was for their own protection. Just because Hitler and Himmler were in the know, doesn`t mean that the general dim-bulb Christian populace which still permeated Germany wouldn`t still complain about homosexuals in the Reich. It was at this point that Himmler made public statements against homosexuality as lip-service to satisfy the Christians who were still needed for support. However, like what is stated above, these Christians would have died after the war, simply for not returning to their Pagan roots, which is the essence of Satanism. This is some more food for thought for the "Nazis" today who in any way identify with Christianity or so-called Christian "morality."

Out of all sex offenders, and those who were proven guilty of having ties to International Jewry from 1933-1945, only 178,000 Germans were sentenced to prison or sent to labor camps such as Buchenwald or Dachau. This was only about 1 in 1,000 Germans. All of the homosexuals who were legitimate served the Reich from it's beginning to the very last days of the war. This was over 90% of the homosexual population of Germany, as the other 10% were traitors who had sided with Ernst Rohm or communists and/or Jews.

After the War

When the Allies "liberated" Germany, they kept the few gay men that they found in prison under confinement while they released all of the Jewish prisoners. The allies who liberated the Jews felt that homosexuals deserve to be in prison, which is the law for those who are homosexuals in communist and democratic countries. After the war, many homosexual Nazis met in secrecy or else they would be handed over to the Jews and communists. Communism has literally mass-murdered countless Gentiles and many homosexuals were murdered by the communists for no other reason than because these individuals were homosexuals. This punishment was handed down by "God" to the "righteous Jews" to carry out, as it is written in their Bible and Talmud.

Hitler's Official Stance On Homosexuality

One time, I was very confused because of conflicting information regarding Hitler's stance on homosexuality, especially with the Jewish lies that Himmler was really against it because of population issues. It was around that time that Hitler's spirit had contacted me and told me that he never had a problem with it. Since I was still a little bit confused, Satan pointed me to the following quote within days after Hitler's visit:

"I won't be a spoil sport to any of my men. If I demand the utmost of them, I must permit them to let off steam as they see fit, not as it suit's a lot of elderly church-hens. My lads are no angels… nor are they expected to be. I've no use for goody-goodies and League of Virtu-ites." - Adolf Hitler

This says it all. Hitler, Himmler, and other High-Ranking Nazis were too busy with the occult and relentlessly trying to destroy Christianity to be persecuting gays as a group of people. Homosexuality doesn't go against Nature, but it sure goes against Christianity and everything that Christianity and the other Jewish religions, such as Islam stand for. Christianity and company go against Nature and are a crime against humanity and reason.

Right now, many gays are in a state of mind where some serious re-education is needed. So-called "gay politics" have become Social Marxism. However, once gays are seen to be leaving the lying "liberal" Jewish elite and coming into their own, the inorganic democratic wing will no longer protect them. It is our duty as Gentiles and namely, the White race returning to our Satanic roots, to re-educate gays so that all of our people can stick together, spiritually, emotionally, and politically. When the time comes where there is no choice but our racial unity- if we can't stick together, it will be the kiss to the final eradication of our people, and the Jews, who are the cosmic enemies of Satan, will have triumphed. Persecution of homosexuality isn't Aryan. It is Jewish.


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